PPC Training Advantage

PPC continues to improve our value to customers through training.

Tech Training and Education

Studies have shown that 40% of service Tech training and education with PPC Broadbandcalls are related to the drop network!

The Goal - Training for Quality Installations to Reduce Service Calls 

Our training is based on sound ISD and delivered by instructors with engineering, field, and advanced training experience.

Onsite Training:

  • Content focused on the correct tools, cable preparation, connector installation
  • Content based on sound ISD (instructional systems design)
  • Delivery by qualified instructors
  • Tool audits

field services trainingField Service Partnership

PPC trainers will interface with your on-site technicians to identify product and installation needs to enhance operational performance.

By combining our knowledge with your real world experience we can together create innovative solutions and effective training programs.


  • Reduction of service calls and repeat service calls 
  • Competency-based training modules
  • Technician awareness of craftsmanship issues
  • Training metrics (up to 17 parameters) to improve technician performance
  • Partnering with customers through detailed training reporting.

tools for life eBookTools for Life

Tools for Life is an extension to PPC's comprehensive training and is designed to enhance the quality of installations.

Defective tools are a major contributor to faulty installations that result in service calls. When you use Perfect Flex™coaxial cable and PPC F-connectors you can be certain that you will receive superior performance and, in turn, receive superior support.

Download the Tools for Life brochure

Tools for life programe