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PPC's diverse product portfolio supports a wide swath of network architectures and applications from the headend to the home. Our manufacturing and customer service locations span five continents to offer streamlined service for customers located all over the map. With true end-to-end product breadth and a global support network, PPC is a leading supplier to network operators around the world. 

Through its focus on innovation, PPC has delivered a number of industry firsts and holds more patents in connector technology than any other company in the world. Some of our newest featured products include:

Miniflex® QuikDrop Fiber Cable - a combination of aerial fiber jacket and Miniflex fiber cable that can be connectorized on both ends

FutureLink® Hand-off Box - compact outdoor fiber optic enclosure designed for the optical transition between wireline and wireless providers

ThermalPro® All-in-One-Cabinet - customizable cabinet for outside plant applications in the fiber optic network, the ThermalPro All-in-One Cabinet can reduce site footprint and is specially designed to mitigate environmental disruptions

Mini-FDC 12 Fiber Distribution Cabinet - a highly-customizable fiber distribution cabinet, the Mini-FDC 12 is quick to install and can suit virtually any fiber network

OPTERNA TSA - an innovative solution for fiber distribution to living units in multi-dwelling or multi-tenant applications

Beyond these latest innovations, our family of products features end-to-end fiber solutions for optical networks including:

Fiber Cable
Fiber Cabinets & Hubs
Connector Assemblies
OPTERNA FTTx Solutions
Fiber Management Solutions

Alongside our fiber solutions lies an established suite of copper products, including:

Amplifiers & Splitters
Category Cable
Coaxial Cable
Drop Connectors
Hardline Connectors
Traps & Filters

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The Complete Guide to Fiber to the Premises Deployment

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