Customer Support Services

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    PPC Tech Advantage® Training

    PPC leads the industry when it comes to training and support, especially through our no-cost, hands-on Tech Advantage® Training program for techs and contractors. PPC has trained more than 100,000 techs in the past 20 years.

    Tech Training and Education

    Some studies show up to 40% of service calls are related to the drop network. Our goal is to train technicians to complete quality installations and reduce the number of service calls related to install errors. The types of training we offer are line conditioning, drop connectors and cable, hardline connectors and cable, Entry® products, fiber installation, drop hardening, and grounding and bonding.

    On-site Training Features

    • Qualified, expert instructors
    • Content based on sound Instructional Design System (ISD)
    • Competency-based training modules
    • Tool selection, cable preparation and connector installation
    • Tools for Life® tool audits
    • Detailed training reports

    Training Benefits

    • Improved technician performance
    • Reduced craftmanship issues
    • Reduced service calls and repeat service calls

    Tools for Life®

    Tools for Life® is an extension to PPC’s comprehensive training for qualifying customers and is designed to enhance the quality of installations. Defective tools are a major contributor to faulty installations that result in service calls. Tools for Life offers the replacement of some defective tools for in-house installation technicians for the duration of a qualifying partnership with PPC. During Tech Advantage Training, PPC experts will inspect tools for defects, replace substandard tools and provide tool quality audits.

    Field Service Partnership

    PPC product experts work directly with on-site technicians to identify product and installation needs to enhance operational performance. By combining our knowledge with a technician's current real-world experience, we create innovative solutions and effective training programs for a customer's individual needs.