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FutureLink® Hand-off Box Helps Launch 5G

The Problem

Although right-sizing densification and launching a network is challenging in any environment, a truncated timeline ensuring the work finished ahead of upcoming sport seasons compounded the challenge at Raymond James Stadium. Therefore, it was important to identify and account for critical milestones and time-consuming tasks like confirming the site build, selecting materials, and the physical installation at the outset.

Products Included
  • FutureLink® Hand-Off Box

The Solution

PPC Broadband introduced its FutureLink® Hand-off Box (HOB) as a custom-tailored option that satisfied the project specification as well as Custom Cable’s list of product requirements.

The FutureLink HOB is small enough to allow two enclosures at each terminal, offers a pre-terminated option, is weather-proof, and is lockable for added reliability and security. It also includes design elements that allow quick, easy, and unobstructed access to all fiber connection points within the enclosure – a unique feature that enables cleaning, inspection, and easy connection to F2 ports.

The Results

Faster Installation

Pre-terminated connectors drastically reduced installation time

20% Fewer Splice Points

The FutureLink® Hand-off Box drove out more than 20% of splice points from the project

Saved Labor, Saved Time

Increased install efficiency resulted in labor-and time related cost savings

Norris estimates the PPC FutureLink HOB resulted in as much as a 75% reduction in installation time compared to alternative options. The pre-terminated solution drove out more than 20% of splice points from the project, and the saved labor and time ultimately meant cost savings for those building the 5G network. And the Custom Cable team completed installation of the enclosures ahead of the project deadline.

“Once we came across PPC’s hand-off box, it was quickly apparent that it was our best option for this project. It had the smallest footprint and offered us cost savings on top of time and labor savings.”

Jeffrey Norris, Custom Cable

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