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PPC launches new Plenum PV range of pushable fiber products

Posted by Shaun Trezise

news New York, 30 September 2013: PPC, the inventors and producers of the world-leading range of patented Miniflex™ fiber cables, today launched its new Plenum PV range of fiber cables and microducts. The innovative new Miniflex Plenum PV range enables the safe deployment of fiber optic cables within the airway/plenum spaces of buildings, providing a tough, lightweight, flexible and easy to install solution. This brings down the time and cost of fiber deployments by speeding up installations in buildings of all sizes,while meeting the strict safety criteria governing plenum deployments.

Engineered from toughened polymer to meet the tight specifications and exacting demands of the environment, the compact Plenum PV products all meet US National Electrical Code (NEC) specifications, and have received UL product certification after extensive testing on their low smoke and low fire hazard capabilities.

Comprising Plenum PV cable and Plenum PV microduct, the range features PPC's unique design and patented pushable technology which dramatically reduces the time and cost of installations by removing the need for specialist equipment or skills.

Flexible, compact and with anti-kink properties that make handling optical fiber much safer, the lightweight Plenum PV cable combines high crush resistance (up to 4000N for duct and cable) with a small bend radius (down to 5xOD) making it easy to route through the tightest spaces.

UL approved for use with PPC's Miniflex PBT Fiber Cable, the Plenum PV microduct provides a protective pathway for cable installation within plenum air space locations. By enabling the use of standard Miniflex 3mm PBT cable, it delivers a cost-effective, safe and flexible solution for plenum deployments. Its low friction and low static P-DVC™ liner facilitate the easy pushing, pulling or blowing of fiber cable.

The range is designed to speed deployment of fiber networks within public buildings such as hospitals, schools and government offices as well as data centers and large city buildings with plenum air space. They have already been successfully deployed in a number of major installations in both the US and Canada.

“The need for greater capacity and speed means that fiber is becoming the default solution for delivering data inside buildings. Plenum spaces offer substantial advantages for the deployment of these fiber networks and these cables and ducts need to meet the most stringent safety standards and provide ease of installation and protection in these constrained areas,” said Larry Malone, PPC. “The flexibility and small size of our new Plenum PV range combined with our innovative pushable fiber technology demonstrate how our engineering excellence brings down the time and cost of plenum deployments, while meeting the toughest safety specifications in North America.”

PPC already offers a complete range of fiber cables and ducts for external use, and for within Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU). With the addition of the plenum products PPC is able to provide the complete solution, from kerbside to desktop, reducing cost and complexity for installations.

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