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Withstanding the force of a baby elephant!

Posted by Dave Stockton

robust Miniflex cables and ductsAs part of our ongoing product development we’ve been conducting advanced crush resistance and impact force testing of our Miniflex protective technology. This has been replicated by independent labs who have verified our results and builds on our latest UL product certification for low smoke and low fire standards. We’ve found two vital advantages of Miniflex when it comes to protecting fibre cables.

Firstly, crush resistance. In combination our Miniflex cable and duct can withstand a force of 4000 Newtons over 100 mm without any damage to the fibre itself. Putting this in context that’s the equivalent of a baby elephant weighing 385kg (850 lb)standing on one foot on the Miniflex protective tube – and the fragile cable continuing to operate normally. In more everyday surroundings it shows that Miniflex can be stood on, hit with hammers during installation and survive being bumped by vacuum cleaners, ensuring reliability and guaranteeing a long and trouble free life

Secondly, withstanding impact forces. Unlike metal cables, which permanently dent when hit with sharp objects, Miniflex’s advanced polymer engineering means that it regains its shape over a relatively short time. This ensures that the fibre inside is not permanently pinched or squashed, reducing damage and again ensuring the highest levels of reliability.

You can see the toughness of Miniflex in our video section on the new PPC website.

Adding to these advantages we have a wide variety of options for specific conditions:

  • UV resistance: our UV products withstand direct sun and high long term temperatures, making them perfect for areas such as the Middle East and Africa.
  • Plenum: our UL certified plenum products meet the stringent regulations set out in the US National Electrical Code, making them ideal for public buildings
  • High temperature sealant: In micro trenching extremely hot sealant is applied onto cables and microducts. Our direct bury products have been used in AT&T’s Chicago DAS rollout where they proved able to withstand the temperature of the sealant used by installer Geo-Path.

Fibre networks are central to information flow in all types of environment. Whether delivering fibre to the home or within factories, oil rigs, cars or aircraft, protecting fragile fibre is vital to ensuring services and operations are always on – even if a baby elephant steps on the cable.

Image by paraflyer

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