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Liquid Telecom - A Kenya Success

The Problem

With approximately 48% of the population of Nairobi living in multi-dwelling units (MDU), Liquid Telecom was faced with the headache of how to cost-effectively connect not only the building, but the paying customers, in a timely and efficient manner, while maintaining the highest quality installations.

The initial project involved connecting 2,500 apartments over a series of buildings in a gated community and the desire was to bring together a terminated plug-and-play cable solution, that de-skilled the installation.

Products Included
  • Miniflex® Fiber Cable
  • 2-fiber Cable
  • QuikPush® Cable Assembly
  • 5 & 8 mm Microduct

The Solution

Liquid Telecom invested in PPC's QuikPush® cable assemblies, combined with the existing Miniflex® cable to solve their needs. The pre-terminated cable is uniquely designed to fit through existing conduits, without the need to blow or pull the fiber. The snap-on SC connector is only applied once inside the customer premises, removing any potential damage to the cable and removing the need for trained splicing engineers.

The Results

5x faster

deployment time

10x stronger

fiber protection


the need for expensive installation equipment

Through our range of slack management OLTs and FDNs, PPC was able to deliver an end-to-end plug-and-play solution to Liquid Telecom that removed the field splicing and expensive installation equipment and procedures, yet also overcame the slack management constraint when lead lengths exceeded the desired route.

MDU Installation Success

"By issuing PPC methodology, Liquid Telecom had effectively removed the need for any field termination and/or splicing, hereby deskilling the installation teams, taking away the requirement for expensive and timely installation equipment and empowering the installers with a horizontal, pushable, plug and play FTTH design."

Keith Rowley, Group Chief of Infrastructure and Design, Liquid Telecom

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