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Liquid Telecom - Rwanda Success

The Problem

Liquid Telecom needed to install Fiber to the Home (FTTH) in challenging environmental conditions in Rwanda, while meeting tough business case targets and tight deployment timescales.

Products Included
  • Miniflex® Fiber Cable
  • 2-fiber Cable
  • 5 & 8 mm Microduct
  • Indoor Customer Termination Box

The Solution

Due to the diverse natural environment in Rwanda, Liquid Telecom pioneered a toolbox approach to its network by combining cable in duct FTTH with a tree and a branch aerial solution. Liquid Telecom worked with PPC and introduced one of the lightest and most flexible aerial cables on the market - the ADSS cable.

The Results

5x faster

deployment time

10x stronger

fiber protection


the need for skilled technicians

Thanks to PPC's product solution, local contractors were able to increase their installation efficiency by up to five times. The solution was also able to be installed by a single engineer, meaning they saved on capex. The low weight, flexibility and ruggedness of the ADSS cable allowed Liquid Telecom to maintain their first-to-market advantage.

Delivering High-quality Connectivity

"It was imperative to have a cable that was lightweight to avoid having to strengthen existing pole infrastructure, flexible enough to allow for tight bend radius and yet strong enough to withstand the tough environmental challenges we face here in Rwanda."

Stanley Magede, CIO Liquid Telecom Rwanda

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