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PPC Pushable Fiber & the City of Loma Linda

The Problem

The city realized it needed a faster broadband network, particularly to support its increasingly data-driven medical facilities. Failure to deliver higher capacity fiber connections potentially threatened the entire economy if healthcare institutions were forced to move operations elsewhere.

Products Included
  • Miniflex® Fiber Cable
  • TuffDuct®

The Solution

After evaluating the market for a solution, the city turned to PPC and adopted its patented Miniflex® pushable fiber cable and ruggedized TuffDuct® microduct, in combination with micro trenching, to bring down the cost and time of last-mile FTTP and FTTH deployments.

The Results




business investment


city efficiency/safety

All the medical facilities within Loma Linda are now connected and can share patient records digitally and carry out remote diagnosis, and staff can even undertake out of hours scans and operations from home.

Loma Linda has been able to attract investment and new employers because of its network. In turn, this leads to more jobs and consequently higher tax revenues from businesses and residents.

The City is Seeing Major Benefits

“Our fiber network is at the heart of Loma Linda’s growth, attracting new businesses and increasing municipal efficiency. Without it the recession would have been catastrophic for the city. PPC has been a really strong and responsive partner, working with us to help bring down installation costs – without their pushable fiber and micro trenching our deployment would simply have been impossible economically.”

Konrad Bolowich, Assistant City Manager/Director of IS, City of Loma Linda

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