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Delivering Fiber to The Queen Mary

The Problem

The installation of fiber into The Queen Mary presented two major challenges: cost reduction and the required freedom to make on-going changes to the network.

The installation had to be commercially viable. It needed to find an installation method and product set that provided 50-60 percent saving verses traditional trench, blow and splice methods.

Total Length of Install
  • 5 mile (1.6 km)

The Solution

Ancom Communications was able to micro trench 95 percent of the 5 mile (1.6 km) route, which kept cost to a minimum. PPC flexible microducting allowed the remaining 5 percent to be installed above ground, routed up, over and around major obstacles and existing utilities. The very small bend radius achieved by PPC microduct, cable and couplers meant a fast route could be found swiftly.

The Results

Quality products

that are flexible, tough and easy to install


cable that's installed by unskilled staff


to make fiber growth easy to update in the future

The result was a dramatic saving in the cost. The easy plug-and-play nature of the products meant that the install itself was much easier and quicker than a standard blown fiber and splice solution. It created far less disruption to the end-user and connections happened without delay.

Delivering Fiber to The Queen Mary

Ancom Communications investigated the product solutions that were available - only PPC appeared to have a complete solution that ticked all the boxes.

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