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A South African Success - Frogfoot

The Problem

“Frogfoot embarked on an aggressive FTTH expansion program to deploy FTTH to 30,000 homes during 2017. We will have 135,000 passed or under construction by the end of 2018,” says Rikus Stander, Head of Planning at Frogfoot. “There is a land grab going on in South Africa at the moment and not only do we need to give coverage, we need to give quality, reliability and longevity to our network so the customer can pick and choose the right service for them.”

Products Included
  • Miniflex® Fiber Cable
  • 20 mm PVC Conduit

The Solution

PPC Broadband pioneered and tailored Miniflex® fiber optic cable for not only the harsh challenges of the African environment, but for the gap that existed as the installation teams migrated from a copper network to a fiber optic network.

The Results

Vastly reduced

installation time


field splicing inside the customer premises


network performance

With cable faults accounting for nearly 70% of network downtime, Miniflex® is proven to reduce maintenance callouts by almost 80%, freeing up valuable engineering resources for the more important job of installing new customers onto the Frogfoot network.

End-to-End Last-drop Solution

"Throughout Africa, there has been a big influx of low-quality solutions that have entered the market, temping operators with low prices. Frogfoot made the decision to invest in quality and took the right path in partnering with PPC to develop a tailored African solution that they can trust will always do the job."

Simon Roberts, PPC Sales Director for Africa

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