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Delivering fiber to multiple dwellings


fiber to multiple dwellingsBuildings come in all shapes and sizes, from single houses to massive tower blocks or hotels with potentially hundreds of different apartments or rooms. Growing demand for faster connection speeds means that operators need to be able to deploy fibre networks to every flat in a Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption to householders. Further complicating matters, tenants in individual flats may sign up for fibre, rather than the whole block, potentially pushing up costs and installation complexity.

We’re seeing a huge increase in FTTP deployments to MDUs across the world, from the US to the Middle East and Europe. There are a huge range of different types of installations from a simple two rooms across by two floors high all the way up to tall but thin skyscrapers and wide but low residential buildings.

To meet this diverse range of needs, PPC has developed a unique approach to helping deploy fibre to MDUs. This provides the right solution for each particular implementation, backed by our experience of deployments of all types in both high and low cost economies. All of our products reduce costs. They can be supplied pre-connectorised to lower installation times and their combination of ultra toughness and light weight construction deskills deployments without impacting quality.

We’ve developed a formula to help installers work out which product from our Miniflex range works best for them, based on factors that include:

  • The number of floors
  • The number of rooms in each floor
  • Cost of local installation skills (technicians vs fitters)
  • Density of occupancy (low to high)
  • Expected take up of services (low to high)

Applying this formula enables us to provide the right solution, whatever the MDU needs:

  1. For simple 2×2 style buildings our Quikpush system enables installers to push through fibre to each flat or room from the basement, for a low skill, fast and cost-effective deployment.
  2. Above six floors high we recommend using a vertical riser to carry the fibre up the building, ready to push through to each apartment.
  3. For tall and wide buildings, above six by six, a combination of a riser and a horizontal raceway delivers fibre to a break out box outside every apartment ready for pull back into the flats of each subscriber when they sign up.
  4. For wide but low buildings with six rooms across and less than six floors installers can use a raceway and pull back to successfully deploy fibre.

Cost-effectively delivering fibre to subscribers in multiple dwelling units is crucial to the successful rollout of new services such as IPTV, high speed broadband and Internet of Things applications such as smart metering and home monitoring. PPC’s approach and experience mean we can help installers and operators deliver the right solution, whatever each building looks like and wherever they are in the world.

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