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Liquid Telecom - A Zimbabwe Success

The Problem

Liquid Telecom has transformed the landscape in Harare, passing more than 100,000 homes, with an additional 30,000 homes expected. Additionally, it plans to expand the network nationwide.

Liquid Telecom understood the need for careful planning to allow for large scale expansion. This was combined with the requirement for high quality materials to enable installation teams to deliver on its high expectations.

Products Included
  • Miniflex® Fiber Cable
  • 2-fiber Cable
  • 12V Pushable Fiber Install Unit
  • Fusion Field Splicer
  • Indoor Customer Termination Box

The Solution

Faced with the challenge of building a network from scratch, Liquid Telecom used a combination of 7, 12, and 24-way ducts, breaking off into each home via a dedicated 5 & 8 mm microduct. This allowed the company to respond efficiently to customer demands, with a proven network design that maximized return on investment. One of the keys to success was the adoption of PPC’s Miniflex® products.

The Results

5x faster

deployment time

10x stronger

fiber protection


need for skilled technicians

Once the distribution cable had been deployed, it was imperative that Liquid Telecom quickly connected end users in order to rapidly expand their footprint and to maximize their return on investment. Being first to market was key to their success and by selecting Miniflex® fiber cable, they were able to increase installation efficiency by up to five times, something no other fiber cable can offer.

Hand Pushable Miniflex®

“Miniflex® increased the productivity of my installation crews by up to 500%. From the moment Liquid Telecom introduced Miniflex for the final customer connection, I was immediately impressed with the cable's quality, strength and flexiblity."

Tendai Choto, Managing Director of QuipHire

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