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Broadband Bah Humbug? Give the Gift of Effortless Installs this Holiday Season



’Tis the season of festivity, but if you’ve caught your technicians uttering “bah humbug” during network installations, don’t fret! In the spirit of giving, we have you covered with a breakdown of the top nine innovative tools, products and solutions that service providers can gift their installers this season. These offerings are designed to transform any “humbug” into a merry “ho, ho, ho” during every network installation. 

Top 9 Gifts for a Broadband Technician

1. Miniflex® HAPI® ToolHAPI™ Tool v2-1
While PPC Miniflex® fiber cable is already easy and efficient to push, pull or blow through microduct inside or outside the premises, installing Miniflex is made even easier with the HAPI® Tool. HAPI is a compact, hand assisted cable pushing tool that allows installers to deploy fiber cable up to 131 ft (40 m) per minute and doesn’t require a power source to operate.

2. Miniflex® Microduct Rodderminiflex-microduct-rodder_image
Another Miniflex tool that’s a technician’s best friend is the Miniflex Microduct Rodder. The tool has a 3 mm jacket with an integrated fiberglass reinforced plastic rod that is pushed through microduct prior to cable installation to prime it, identify microduct damage, and locate and clear blockages. The rodder simplifies the installation process, ensuring quick, easy and cost-effective fiber cable deployment.

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3. QuikPush® Cable Assembliesquikpush-sc_image
QuikPush® cable assemblies revolutionize FTTx deployments by eliminating the need for large conduit and extensive wall drilling and ensuring a simple installation process that technicians of any skill level can successfully complete. The pre-terminated cable assembly’s pushable Balistix™ end is only as wide as the 3 mm cable, allowing for efficient deployment through 5 mm holes and microduct bores as small as 3.5 mm. The installation process simply requires a technician to assemble the connector parts on the Balistix end after routing the cable, eliminating the need for fiber termination skills.

4. PPC QuikPass™ SolutionQuikpass enclosure
The PPC QuikPass™ solution makes an ideal gift for technicians because the set of fiber products is designed to easily deploy in buildings like high-rise apartments or multi-level hotels. Instead of installing microduct and cable inside wall cavities – which can pose a slew of problems in any building that is not new construction – the QuikPass distribution cable is developed to fix on the outside of the hallway wall and split into each individual unit at an entry box outside. This simplified process is a dream for a fiber technician so they can get the job done with plenty of time to get home for the holidays.

5. NexBand™ Hardline Connectorsnexband-hardline-connector_image
NexBand™ hardline connectors stand out as exceptionally tech friendly with features tailored for seamless installations. One feature technicians love is having the trim length clearly marked on the connector pin, ensuring quicker and more accurate installations – especially in high frequency applications where the connector pin lengths must be accurately trimmed to achieve acceptable performance. Every second counts when the install is outdoors in snow, rain or wind.

6. Perfect Flex® Coaxial Cables with Perfect Prep®series6_tri-1
The PPC Perfect Flex® family of coaxial cables features an innovative Perfect Prep® design on tri-shield products that makes it easier for technicians to prep the cable for connector installation. The cables were designed so the outer shield of foil is removed with the jacket, reducing the number of steps needed to prep cable. All technicians know how tedious it is to prep a coaxial cable, and when they’re installing dozens of connectors a day, they’ll be grateful for the time saved.

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7. NexReel™ & Perfect Tote™ Solutionsreusable-reel-with-perfect-link-2_image
Whether a technician is installing bulk coaxial or category cable at the premises, using the NexReel™ with Perfect Tote™ solution will save them time and truck space. NexReel is a reusable support reel for pre-packaged reels of coaxial or category cables and is used with the Perfect Tote cable bag. The combination of the reusable reel, cardboard pre-packaged cable and cable bag makes the transportation and installation of cables easier and more efficient than alternative options. 

8. AquaTight® ConnectorsAquaTight_EX6XLWS-clear
These coaxial connectors streamline installation with their integrated weather seal, shortening install time by eliminating the need for standalone port seals. The weather seals ensures a secure lock against moisture, preventing signal degradation and reducing the number of truck rolls needed to resolve signal interruptions. And during the winter months in the snow and cold temperatures, installers will be thankful for less time spent installing outdoors.

9. Passive MoCA Portal
While some MoCA passive units can be overly complicated, the PPC Passive MoCA Portalppc-moca-entry-device-passive-portal stands out for its user-friendly form-factor. It’s designed to have all the ports in one row, making it easy for technicians to install or remove only the connector they need to. The one row of ports, and clearly color-coded labels, also makes it much easier to differentiate the connection points during troubleshooting with an installer or subscriber.

Whether it’s an installation indoors or outdoors, and with copper or fiber products, technicians face challenges on the job every day. Not every deployment can be seamless, but with the proper products and tools, an installer’s job can get a whole lot more efficient. And when an installation becomes more efficient, it results in cost savings for the service provider and happier subscribers. Gift your techs with what’s on their holiday list this year! 

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays from our Belden PPC family to yours.

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