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Deploying a Wireless Network: The Importance of a Quality Application



We’ve all heard the old saying, “a dollar saved is a dollar earned,” but is this true when deploying a wireless network? 

For wireless applications, it’s crucial to choose the right solution to bring high-performance connectivity to subscriber devices. Lower-priced products may save costs upfront, but they may also put networks at risk. In this blog, we’ll dive into why obtaining quality solutions for your wireless network is worth the investment. 

What Happens When Cost is Valued Over Quality?

With broadband consumption increasing through demand drivers like streaming, gaming, remote work, and more, it’s no secret the future of connectivity relies heavily on wireless solutions to transmit data quickly over practically any distance. That’s why it’s critical to invest in the best solutions on the market. 

But what happens when a service provider chooses cost over quality? Relying solely on cost when choosing a network component may save money at first, but can eventually bring a storm of consequences, including network downtime and system failures. A disruption of this scale can affect service delivery, leave the system vulnerable, and cause unhappy subscribers. 

If a network interruption happens, it will lead to additional costs stemming from truck roll deployment, product failure diagnosing, and product replacement. It can also put reputations on the line, and leave subscribers wondering if they should change providers. So, are short-term savings worth it if they cause system liabilities later? 

Cabling solutions for wireless application

Unlock the Full Potential of a Wireless Application

wireless-network-blog_image-2There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to supporting a wireless network. Investing in quality products requires conducting research and understanding all solutions on the market before making decisions. Every network is unique – discovering the right balance of cost, functionality and performance is key to unlocking the full potential of a system. Devoting time to find valuable solutions provides many benefits, including:

  1. Cost Savings - Opting into wireless equipment that may not suit a network’s needs can ultimately cause application failures later. System breakdowns can lead to unexpected expenses like truck rolls, which are estimated to cost between $150 to $500 each. However, the true number can be closer to $1,000, according to SightCall. Other expenses include diagnosing product failures and replacing defective products. Investing in the right solution that fits the system’s needs will deliver high-speed data with limited equipment issues, creating long-term savings.

  2. Respectable Reputation - While there are many factors that contribute to a company’s reputation, a network that fulfills its promise to deliver high-performance wireless connectivity can establish brand loyalty and trustworthiness. A strong reputation in the industry leads to more customers and a talented workforce that can set apart their services. 

  3. Happy Subscribers - Going above and beyond for network users should be a top priority for all service providers. According to HubSpot, 33% of American customers say they'll consider switching companies immediately following a single instance of poor service, and 60% of customers say they'll switch after two to three instances of poor service. So, investing in high quality products is essential for the deployment of 5G and beyond. As broadband consumption increases – especially through wireless and mobile delivery – having a reliable, high-speed system keeps subscribers loyal, which makes them more likely to share their positive experience, bringing in new consumers. 

Building a Balanced Network with Quality Components

There are many factors to consider when building a balanced wireless network such as equipment cost, quality, reliability, speed, and bandwidth. Each factor plays a role in becoming the most reliable wireless internet service provider (WISP) on the market. 

WISP Enclosure ImageThe WISP Enclosure considers all these aspects and meets the needs of multiple wireless applications with its integrated modular DIN rails in a secure outdoor enclosure. The base cabinet includes maximum flexibility and ease of configuration in the field. 

Looking for products tested to, and compliant with, industry standardsftta outdoor jumper The FTTA Outdoor Jumper offers reliable wireless radio connections in almost any environmental application. This cable is compliant with Telcordia standards GR-20, GR-2866, GR-3120 and several more. 

mini-terminal-handoff-box_imageFor small cell connections, the Mini Terminal Hand-off Box is an ideal choice. Whether mounting inside a pole, on a panel, or in a subsurface application, its easily-removable LGX bracket saves time for installation, testing, and maintenance. 

With only a portion of PPC’s innovative and vast wireless product portfolio mentioned above, the combined collection provides a powerful solution built to deliver high-performance wireless connectivity required by the networks of today – and tomorrow. 

Nowadays, reliability means everything, especially when the future is constantly in flux. Focusing solely on product cost will lead to system failures, more expenses down the line, diminished brand loyalty and unhappy consumers. Thinking beyond the cost of products can optimize wireless service with higher speeds, lower latencies, and uninterrupted transmissions. Instead of spending more time and money fixing recurring problems, invest in the solutions that will bring little complications, and deliver more value.

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