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miniflex protective technologyMore and more industries rely on the power of optical fibre to transmit ever increasing amounts of information. Whether it is delivering superfast broadband to the premises, linking electronic systems within aircraft, routing data in real time around datacentres or connecting safety and infotainment systems inside cars, protecting this fibre is vital. However it can’t be at the expense of flexibility, weight or ease of installation.

At PPC we’re dedicated to protecting optical fibre. As the inventors and producers of the world-leading range of patented Miniflex™ fibre cables we make hard plastic flexible through our grooved design process, ensuring the highest level of protection.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the major milestones we’ve already reached:

  • Manufactured more than 20 million metres (67 million feet) of duct and Miniflex cable, which has been installed around the world. That’s enough to stretch from London to New Zealand (with a little spare). Given our rate of growth we expect to double this amount within the next two years.
  • Been integral to 25,000 FTTP installs across the world – a figure we see growing at 1,500 every month
  • Our end customer list includes over 25% of all telecom operators within the 52 countries where our products are sold, including the likes of AT&T and BT
  • Providing 1 million metres (3.3 million feet) per year of protective technology into datacentres, increasing at a rate of 50,000 metres every month
  • Installed over 3.75 million metres (12.3 million feet) of products to protect the safety and infoentertainment systems of high end cars
  • Protecting the electronic systems of over US$12.5 billion of aircraft across the world

In today’s digital world, optical fibre networks are the arteries of information delivery. Protecting them is crucial – we’re seeing increasing demand across the globe in more and more industries, so expect our figures and milestones to change radically in the coming months and years.

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