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PPC Supports Syracuse Effort to Combat COVID-19

Posted by Krista Tysco

While working internally to ensure uninterrupted service and support to global customers, PPC Broadband is also finding ways to support local efforts to combat the COVID-19 virus worldwide.

A Central New York couple is working to make face shields for healthcare workers using 3D printers. Not only are they creating the face shields at their own home, but they have also made available a template and instructions for people around the world to download and fabricate shields using their own 3D printers.

PPC's Involvement to Fight Coronavirus

PPC's Operations Team at the Syracuse, NY, headquarters heard about this effort and offered to help.

We supplied the couple with assembly tables, packaging materials, disinfectant, production site layouts and more. Through our local network, we were able to source many items for free or at a reduced cost.

Our engineers are also working with our supplier, R&D Design Associates, to develop a mold that will increase production from the current 350 shields per day to more than 1,000 shields per day.

Our team is adjusting the use of our own on-site 3D printers to make components as well. The part shown in the photo above was the first one printed at PPC.

Visit this website to download the face shield template and instructions.

To complement actions taken to support the local face shield initiative, PPC also recently donated more than 5,000 surgical masks to St. Joseph's Hospital and the Syracuse Community Health Center, one of the areas first COVID-19 test facilities.

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