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PPC's Internship Program Encourages the Next Generation of Workforce



PPC partners with several colleges across New York State to provide students a hands-on internship experience through our co-op program.

Each year PPC welcomes 10 to 20 students from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Clarkson University, SUNY Polytechnic Institute and more. Our co-op students work across several departments at PPC, including engineering, quality, marketing, and human resources.

Students Gain In-field Experience

PPC’s co-op program is focused on giving students a hands-on experience. Students work under mentors in their departments to shadow and learn the ins and outs of business operations and to get hands-on experiences.

Co-ops get to use the latest strategies and techniques they learn in the classroom and apply them to real-world experience, allowing them to see their work come to life. This includes prototyping product parts, data analysis, creating videos for product launches and even creating content for our website.

“It’s satisfying to see my own original work being translated into real-world products through a professional engineering process,” said PPC Mechanical Design Engineer Co-op Jay Sweeney.

PPC offers the opportunity for students to collaborate and innovate completely with full-time professionals to gain insight and determine what career niche they’ll best fit into for their future.

Co-ops Turn to Full-Time Positions 

The co-op program at PPC not only gives students real-world experience, but leads them to their career after college, and sometimes that’s right back at PPC.

On more than one occasion, PPC co-ops have joined the team in a full-time position after completing their undergraduate degree. Graduates hired as full-time employees have shown to adapt quicker and excel in their roles thanks to their co-op experience with us.

Andriy Lozhko, a prior PPC co-op, recently completed his degree at RIT and was hired to work at PPC full-time.

“During my time as a co-op, I enjoyed the positive company culture that supported and trusted my involvement, which motivated me for greater professional success,” said Lozhko, a full-time Design Engineer.

PPC is invested in company success, which includes discovering future colleagues and potential leaders within PPC and our parent company, Belden.


Perks to PPC's Co-op Program

PPC offers co-ops the opportunity to network by meeting new people and establishing professional mentors and future references. Students gain valuable experience to add to their resume by learning skills they may not have received in the classroom.

All of PPC’s co-ops who join the program are eligible to receive college credit, receive a weekly paycheck and are given aid in relocation housing for the time they spend in Syracuse. This program offers students the chance for growth not only in their field, but their daily lives.

For more information about PPC’s co-op program, or if you're interested in applying, contact our Human Resources team here.


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