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Fiber protection – in the toughest of conditions


fiber protection truck wheelsIn business, everyone expects high quality products and services, meaning that praise from customers is pretty rare. So, when our US partner Core Telecom forwarded me this email from Rich Jones of Metasoft Inc. I have to say it made my day.

Normally in our blogs, we focus on sharing our knowledge and expertise with the industry, rather than talking about ourselves or our products. However, I felt compelled to share this email, so I hope you forgive me this one exception:

Hello Rene,

All is well. Much has happened with regards to the Tuff Duct and Miniflex fiber at the site where it was installed.

The installation went smooth, the duct+fiber was placed into the trenches and buried. Fiber continuity was checked and all worked perfectly.

Some weeks later, I got a call that one of the large front-end loaders they use at that location had sunk into one of the areas where the trench was dug. There had been a few days of heavy rain and the re-filled trench was too soft to support the heavy loader. The operator tried to free the loader from the trench by flooring it and spinning the wheels, until the machine was buried to the axels! This thing has big, 4-foot tall, tires. I was thinking, that’s it, the fiber is ruined, it must be crushed or broken, or something really bad. When I got there, sure enough the loader was sunk all the way down and they had a crane pulling it out.

Afterwards, I looked into the trench and I could see the Tuff Duct at the bottom – Where the loader wheel had been spinning on it! I looked for a beak – But there is none! I check all of the fiber circuits and they were all working perfectly! I’m amazed. This stuff really lived-up to its billing. The field manager asked me how long it would take to repair “my wires” because he needed to fill-in the hole, so they could get back to work. I said, “Fill the hole, it’s not broken.” He was amazed too.

So they filled-in the hole and everything’s been working just fine ever since. I need to get some pictures they have of the loader stuck in the trench, they’ll make a very good endorsement for the reliability of the Tuff Duct product.

Best regards,

Rich Jones

Metasoft, Inc.

Turning a mission statement into action

The key thing for me about Rich’s email is that it encapsulates exactly what PPC and our product range is all about.

Every company has the goal of growing and making money. PPC is no exception to this. However, the best organizations have a mission, that if executed well, directly leads to growth and increased revenues.

Our mission is to enable anyone in the world to install reliable fiber networks. We deliver this by developing products that are quick, easy to install and assure fiber protection in the toughest of conditions.

I am sure that Rich wouldn’t mind me saying that Metasoft is a small IT installation company – without the resources of an incumbent national carrier. We want small local companies like Metasoft and large operators alike to be able to cost-effectively install fiber networks.

Further, whilst capable of transmitting amazing data rates, there is no doubt as a raw product optical fiber is just about the most vulnerable media imaginable. The real world is a tough place for fiber. We recognize this and believe fiber cable needs to be tough. However, we believe it must also be small, light, low cost and easy to install.

PPC_Illustrations-09_copy_v2.pngThese attributes are conflicting – to be easy to install a product needs to be small and flexible, yet to be tough a product must be made of a hard inflexible material.

We don’t claim to have most flexible or tough or smallest products. However, we do claim that our Miniflex products have the most compelling combination of these attributes in the market.

Rich’s example backs this up and shows how this allows us to achieve our mission – firstly, our product allows him to win fiber installation bids in a competitive world and secondly, a potentially catastrophic incident had absolutely no impact on the installation or its costs.

The result? The end user gets a quick and robust fiber connection, the telco gets a delighted customer and the installer saves time, costs and wins more bids.

Whether it is a US municipality increasing their competitiveness through fiber to the premises, a major telco rolling out fiber to subscribers, installers carrying out complex deployments within Multiple Dwelling Units, pioneering new fiber roll-outs in Africa, or protecting communications on military aircraft, telescopes or space projects, by helping customers we are succeeding in our mission and helping everyone.

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