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How fiber protection is enabling next-generation automotive systems

Posted by Colin Dennison

Today’s cars are full of the latest electronic toys, making them a moving office and entertainment center all in one.

We have CD players, iPod ports, Bluetooth connections to our smartphones, Sat Nav with instant traffic feedback, front/rear view cameras, sensors, radar distance control to the car in front and voice activated controls, to name just a few. And this trend is increasing – cars are really becoming connected, mobile computing platforms that happen to have a steering wheel.

The growth of automotive electronics

However how many of us actually think about what’s there and what makes it work? We probably take it for granted, as these electronics are now an integral part of what makes our driving experience so engaging and safe. So what powers these systems and where are they located?

Topics: Market trends, vertical markets

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Russia – the current state of play with FTTX

Posted by Colin Dennison

I’ve just come back from sunny Moscow, where I attended a very busy Sviaz-Expocomm show. Officially titled the 26th International Exhibition for Telecommunications, Control Systems, IT and Communication Services, it covered the entire telecoms market, with a major focus on fiber networks. We took a stand as part of our push eastwards, building on m2fx’s existing presence in Eastern Europe, where our fiber protection technology has been deployed in more than 40% of countries in the region.

One thing that stood out was the strength and prospects for growth in the Russian market. Recent figures from the Broadband Forum put Russia ahead of France when it comes to broadband penetration, with over 25.3 million subscribers in Q4 2013. Importantly, the vast majority of FTTX connections are Fiber to the Home/Building (FTTH/B), rather than the Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) deployments we’re seeing across much of Western Europe. FTTH/B dominates in Russia (with around 60% of new retail subscribers), according to analysts Analysys Mason, with carriers currently migrating customers from DSL to fiber.

Topics: Fiber to the premises, Fiber to the home, Market trends

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Security conscious organisations see the light with clear fiber cables

Posted by Colin Dennison

Previously ensuring physical fibre security has been difficult. All this has changed with the launch of PPC’s Miniflex clear fibre cables which allow quick, efficient, instant checking of the cable route to ensure all is well. The cable is based on a simple idea – being clear, it lets staff see, at a glance, if there has been any attempt to tamper with the fibre inside. Checking is quick and doesn’t require specialist equipment or training, meaning any member of office staff can monitor security, with no disruption to operations. Already deployed around the world, it delivers a new level of physical security to fibre networks.

Topics: Design and Install

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