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Broadband connectivity technologies are constantly changing, whether through innovation, regulatory development or customer requests. Our blogs offer insight into industry advancements, practical suggestions for all types of network installations and important PPC product news.


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PPC Broadband, Inc. has acquired the Nebraskan-based fiber provider, Net-Tech Technology (NT2) - a move that will add a range of innovative optical ...

2 min read

The broadband headend environment evolves with the advance of technology and expands to satisfy consumer demand for data service. This poses ...

2 min read

Connecting a building to a fiber or coax network can be extremely complex. When planning the deployment, you need to take into account the ...

3 min read

We all regularly talk about Fiber to the Premise (FTTP)/Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks. But, in an era of specialization, often we only know about ...

3 min read

Extending high speed fiber access through inside plant installations within buildings is often difficult, expensive and time consuming. Often ...

2 min read

The move to the Cloud and explosion in Big Data is driving unprecedented growth in the data centre market. Analyst company TechNavio forecasts a ...

2 min read

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