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Broadband connectivity technologies are constantly changing, whether through innovation, regulatory development or customer requests. Our blogs offer insight into industry advancements, practical suggestions for all types of network installations and important PPC product news.


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PPC's Coaxial Products Spotted on 'Stranger Things' Set

Choosing the Best Installation Method - Pushable Fiber Solution

Industry Events Turn Virtual in Fall 2020

PPC's COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness

PPC's Internship Program Encourages the Next Generation of Workforce

PPC Offers Virtual Tech Training Amid COVID-19

PPC Supports Syracuse Effort to Combat COVID-19

PPC Focusing on Fiber Deployment Solutions at March Exhibitions

PPC to highlight fiber, broadband solutions at February trade shows

Looking back on 2019 - PPC Broadband’s year in review

PPC Broadband Acquires SPC®, Grows Fiber Product Catalog

PPC to exhibit growing product portfolio at Cable-Tec Expo 2019

PPC to showcase fiber portfolio at the Liberty Global Tech Summit 2019

PPC QuikPass™ and sustainability key focuses at ANGA COM 2019

What are the key considerations in delivering FTTH to multi-dwelling units?

PPC Broadband to show widened fiber portfolio at ANGA COM

PPC acquires OPTERNA®, FutureLink® to expand portfolio and global customer base

PPC's Global HQ achieves ISO 14001 : 2015 certification

Looking back on 2018: PPC Broadband's year in review

How a Passive MoCA Portal can make installs quick and easy

PPC showcases broadband connectivity solutions at SCaTINDIA 2018

Cable-Tec Expo 2018 announces 10-year project

PPC Broadband confirmed as silver sponsor of INCA Conference 2018

PPC Broadband gears up for cable industry exhibition SCaTINDIA 2018 (Booth A3)

The importance of quality testing of coaxial cable

PPC Broadband to join industry experts at Cable-Tec Expo (Booth 644)

Over 250,000 African FTTH customers connected with Miniflex® fiber

How optical passives optimize fiber deep networks

PPC announces acquisition of optical fiber solutions provider NT2

PPC introduces latest connector innovations at ANGA COM 2018

How to maintain the quality of in-home network performance

PPC to showcase newest fiber installation innovations at ANGA COM 2018

How quality connectivity solutions optimize home network performance

Balancing the price of network components with total cost of ownership

Shining the spotlight on ultra-fast broadband solutions

The importance of training for problem-free network installation

Global telecoms industry survey predicts rise in video services & IoT

Which products are essential for a MoCA home network?

Worldwide fiber news and innovation roundup of 2017

The new European CPR cable regulations - how manufacturers can comply

How to improve the inspection results of your fiber connectors

PPC is improving the world through environmental sustainability

Global fixed broadband roundup- December 2017

Back to basics: 5 tips for hardline coax connector installation

Pre-terminated fiber cable - a great FTTH installation solution

Protect your broadband network: how to prepare for a natural disaster

The global broadband market 2017 - is fixed broadband still growing?

Is your drop network too old for today’s demands?

How to get the most out of prep tools during your cable installation

A mid-year roundup of the 2017 global FTTH broadband market

Why it helps to DIY with subscriber self-installs

How cable terminators protect tap ports from environmental damage

Comparing 3 in-building fiber cable installation methods

House amplifiers need power - what's the best way to do it?

Avoid broadband network installation failures with proper training

Why every home should have a MoCA filter

Category Cables - are they all the same?

The consequences of coaxial connector problems

Why is “hardening” the drop so important for broadband networks?

Delivering fiber successfully to MDUs and office blocks

What is coaxial cable and how is it used?

Business Innovation is the Key to Everything

Pioneering the 4th Utility – Fiber to the Home

Lean Enterprise: Are You LEANing the Right Way?

Simplicity of Installation is the Key to Product Selection for FTTH

Bonding and Grounding for CATV – What's the Difference?

Installing In-Building Fiber Broadband: First Stage and Connectors

Overcoming Hidden Costs in the Broadband Network's Last 200 Feet

Tools To Get the Best Broadband Network Service Levels in the Home

How to understand price and value in broadband networks

How to Prepare the Drop for DOCSIS 3.1

Broadband Subscribers' Self-Installations: Getting it Right First Time

How Terminating Unused Ports Improves Broadband Network Performance

Do you know how far you can bend your microduct and fiber?

Hardline Connectors - Hidden Damage Stalking your Broadband Network?

Coaxial headend broadband connectivity – improving the performance

Building Residential Fiber Networks Faster at a Lower Cost

How to Harden Closed Loop HFC Systems for the LTE Band

Minimizing install time with micro trenching

FTTP Drop Installations: Fusion Splicing Versus Pre-terminated Costs

Choosing the Best Fiber Cable(s) for Fiber-to-the-CPE Installations

Direct bury microduct for fiber: the do's and the don'ts

Optical connections in the drop network - how to save money and time

Pushable fiber in the drop network - how to speed up your installation

FTTx project management segments for successful deployments

The last drop - agility for the next twenty years

FTTH architecture selections - what should you choose?

The challenge of delivering fiber to multiple dwelling units

How to guard against damage to your fiber network

6 ways to reduce FTTH implementation costs

Keep your DVR signals at home - MoCA filters prevent content sharing

The economic impact of fiber to the home

Installing broadband service - getting it right the first time

Why the Smart Home needs fiber to the home connectivity

Understanding optical loss in fiber networks - and how to tackle it

The challenges of deploying fiber alongside coax

Meeting the multi dwelling unit fiber challenge

Nielsen’s Law and what it means for fiber networks

The importance of testing in fiber network deployments

VECTOR – the end to field-fit connector issues?

PON fiber systems branch again with XGS-PON

Combining cable in duct and aerial for fiber deployments

Fiber to the home and increased customer satisfaction

4 questions to ask when installing fiber in multiple dwelling units

The consolidation and future of fiber networks

The use of shared infrastructure to deploy fiber networks

The Fiber Awakens: comparing Star Wars and fiber communications

Spain smashes UK in fiber rollouts

The benefits of plug and play for last drop fiber deployments

Demystifying singlemode fiber types

How fiber and wireless networks are converging

8 decisions operators need to make for FTTH deployment success

The changing needs of FTTH deployment

4 factors that influence how long your fiber network will last

The importance of cleanliness to successful fiber installations

Successfully creating African fiber to the home networks

8 questions to ask before installing fiber in your building

What’s in a fiber network?

5 key skills for successful, safe fiber installations

Best practice for installing fiber through micro trenching

How Ultra HD TV will drive fiber to the home connections

Next generation fiber architectures in cable and telco networks

Animals - the number one danger to fiber networks

Installing aerial fiber – what are the options?

Ireland’s National Broadband Plan – the Emperor’s New Clothes?

The importance of field trials to fiber installations

Reducing friction in fiber microducts to speed blowing deployments

Mixing fiber and power lines in aerial fiber deployments

The six biggest causes of damage to fiber networks

An introduction to fiber cable pushing machines

Why we need to ditch copper for fiber networks

The mechanics of aerial fiber cable

What is pushable fiber and why do we need it?

Why we all need fiber broadband

Delivering in-building fiber - without disruption

Building a national fiber backbone in Africa

Why GPON needs to change - introducing NGPON2

Installing fiber and preserving history at Denver University

Picking the right fiber connector – PC, UPC or APC

Harnessing military skills for fiber cable roll outs

Is the plan for Irish fiber broadband about to get stuck in a ditch?

Picking the best fiber installation partner: why it starts with an RFP

Bringing fiber to Africa – reporting from Angola

Multicore networks – the solution to future fiber bandwidth needs?

The seven deadly sins of fiber cable installations

Fiber deployments and the Internet of Things

Choosing the right fiber cable to meet the National Electrical Code

Fiber to the Home connections poised to double in Europe

2015 and key trends in the US fiber market

5 additional steps to reducing FTTX roll out costs

Successfully installing fiber in complex outside plant environments

Closing the loop – factors in choosing the right fiber closure

Showing fiber cable solutions in action

2014 end of year global fiber report and FTTH predictions for 2015

Who sets the standards for fiber cable?

All I want for Christmas is superfast broadband

Back to the future for Australian superfast broadband

Joining fiber cable – what are the options?

The best practice guide to installing buried microduct

Gigabit networks - what are the future options for copper and fiber?

Taking a toolbox approach to FTTH deployments

Key factors to consider with aerial fiber deployments

Six fiber deployment nightmares – and how they were solved

How pushable fiber solves the last drop challenge in an FTTx rollout

Protecting fiber to help answer some of the biggest questions of all

Fiber Connectors - what's the difference?

What applications will fill up gigabit Fiber to the Home Connections?

Which last drop fiber installation method is best for you?

Mobily speeds up FTTH implementations with pushable fiber

Fiber networks for communities - 6 things city planners need to know

Making rural fiber deployments cost effective

Equipment, labor costs and customer experience in FTTP deployments

Is FTTC enough for the UK’s future superfast broadband needs?

How fiber protection is enabling next-generation automotive systems

How Comcast is achieving fiber protection in inside plant environments

Solving last mile complexity in Fiber to the Premises deployments

Key factors when choosing between buried and aerial fiber deployments

Fiber to the campus - overcoming fiber optic installation challenges

Fiber protection – in the toughest of conditions

5 important steps to reducing FTTX roll out costs

Choosing fiber cable protection to meet fire regulations

Fiber to the Premises Deployment - comparing PON and P2P architectures

Cheapest isn't always best when it comes to fiber cable

Half year report - the 2014 global FTTH and pushable fiber market

Making municipal FTTH deployments economic

Russia – the current state of play with FTTX

Why not every fiber cable is created equal

Making MDU Fiber to the Home (FTTH) implementations cost-effective

Fiber Protection Withstands the Big Truck Test

FTTH in Africa is NOT just for the elite!

Coping with cable congestion - with pushable fiber and PPC Microduct

Speeding FTTP deployments with Dura-Line and Miniflex Pushable Fiber

Solving the FTTH rollout problem in multiple dwelling units

Security conscious organisations see the light with clear fiber cables

Restoring fibre connections quickly and cost effectively

Opening up Africa with fiber

Filling the pipes – how content is driving the need for FTTH

Fiber and Father Christmas

Superfast Cornwall and the benefits of broadband

Los Angeles and Fiber – bringing down deployment costs

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