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Broadband connectivity technologies are constantly changing, whether through innovation, regulatory development or customer requests. Our blogs offer insight into industry advancements, practical suggestions for all types of network installations and important PPC product news.


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We’re nearing the end of our tradeshow season, but that’s not stopping our team from delivering you the latest in optical fiber solutions. With ...

2 min read

After our busiest month of tradeshows in March 2022, PPC’s telco team is headed back on the road to attend the Texas Communications Expo and two Core ...

2 min read

Studies have shown that 40% of all cable broadband service calls are related to issues with the drop network. So if you’re looking to ensure better ...

3 min read

We’ve previously talked about how proper on-site training can help improve customer experience and keep costs low for TV and Internet service ...

4 min read

99% isn’t good enough! The cable industry is changing rapidly, with consumers increasingly demanding greater capacity so that they can download and ...

3 min read

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