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The ROI of pushable

Posted by Tom Carpenter

Deploying a fibre optic network can be an expensive business. Installing a new backbone network is a part of this, but delivering fibre from the kerbside to individual buildings is a substantial proportion of the cost. While each connection may not be very long (up to 200 metres) it is often the most complex part of an install as it needs to bend round obstacles between the manhole or cabinet and the premises themselves.

Add in the disruption to the neighbourhood of digging trenches and the need to gain entry to a building to install customer equipment and the difficulty increases even more. Now multiply this by the thousands of buildings that large carriers are looking to connect and you can see how costs increase dramatically. In many cases the last 200 metres are the most expensive of all network deployments.

Topics: Fiber to the premises, Design and Install, Costs/ROI

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AT&T and Geo-Path deliver Chicago DAS fiber network with PPC

Posted by Tom Carpenter

Smartphones are driving a massive increase in mobile wireless data usage across the globe, which is only accelerating as technologies such as LTE and 4G are deployed. Ensuring consistent high performance is therefore vital to wireless operators want to win and retain customers.

Operators are investing heavily in increased capacity, But this has to be easily available to users, wherever they are, which can be a challenge in urban areas where space for traditional mobile towers is limited – but demand is often at its highest.

Topics: Fiber innovations

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