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Showing fiber cable solutions in action

Posted by Joe Byrne

fiber-cable-solutionsIn our information-driven world, fiber cable is a critical component of today’s high performance networks. Protecting this fiber is crucial, whether it is the last drop of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband networks, within buildings, inside datacenters, in cars or in specialist applications.

However, when it comes to choosing the right fiber cable solution for your deployment it can be difficult. On the page, each one can look the same so, to help network planners and installers, we’ve created a series of videos. These showcase the complete range of solutions available from PPC; they demonstrate what makes our products different and how they assist in bringing down cost and time, while meeting rigorous quality standards.

Our full series of videos - covering fiber cable, aerial, microducts for FTTx and fiber protection tube - is available at our YouTube Channel, PPC Broadband, and via the PPC website. You can also see what happens when you drive a 32,000lb armored vehicle over our TuffDuct direct buried microduct.

This post features some of the key videos from the channel:

Simon Roberts of PPC demonstrates the full range of PPC solutions, showing how fiber cable solutions, such as pushable fiber, aid installation, remove the need for expensive equipment and de-skill deployments.

Tom Carpenter
, PPC’s CEO, explains the key challenges that we help solve, particularly when it comes to bringing down the cost and complexity of FTTH implementations.

PPC’s Shaun Trezise talks about the advantages of Miniflex protection tube and demonstrates the unique zipping tool for retrofitting Miniflex to existing patchcords and cables.

To see the entire series, just visit We plan to add more video content as the year progresses – if there are particular areas you would like to see covered, please let us know in the comments below.

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