709 Quick Snap Category Connectors

    A single 709 Quick Snap Connector provides effective pair-at-a-time splicing. The single pair connector design reduces the number of connectors and the size of the splice bundle thus saving time, sleeve materials and encapsulant.709 Quick Snap Connectors

    Features and Benefits:

    • Accommodates 22-26 gauge copper conductors in straight splice and half-tap configurations
    • Pair-per-connector design produces smaller, neater splice bundles
    • Available with a filled, moisture resistant compound the provides protection from the elements in the Outside Plant environment
    • Unfilled version provides flame retardant protection for building and cable entrance applications
    • Reliability of the connection can be verified visually or tested with 6A test clips
    • Minimal installation effort required
    • UL listed
    • RUS/RDUP Listed
    DOCSIS 3.1