House Amplifiers and Splitters

Entry Series

Entry products - many functions with simple, rugged and reliable design9port.png

Designed to protect the multiple service customer, this simple yet revolutionary product offers a number of distinct featurs to improve the integrity of the drop. By combining an entire drop installation into one compact housing with a unique form factor, the Entry Series not only cuts installation time in half it drastically reduces the number of potential failure points.

5_port_2.pngThe Entry Series incorporates a completely passive Voice Modem/eMTA port for customers offering lifeline voice service. Critical communication signals passing to and from the voice modem are never jeopardized by having to pass through active components (e.g. relays) like those found in typical bypass amplifiers.

The circuit designs maintain ANSI/SCTE recommended RF performance on the INPUT and Voice Modem/eMTA ports even when power is lost or there is IC failure.