PPC’s filters deliver unsurpassed mechanical and electrical performance to meet the challenging requirements of today’s digital cable, telephony, and high-speed data systems.


  • Small physical size minimizes risk of port damage
  • 7/16” hex body allows for standard tool installation
  • Hermetically sealed to prevent moisture migration
  • Drift proof
  • 6kV surge compliant to IPS-TP-210
  • Accommodates PPC port seals WS-375 and WS-500
  • Direct mechanical ground
  • Easy to read numbered labeling comes standard with optional color coding available
  • Extremely Tight tolerance (.25 dB)
  • Good return loss (greater than 18 dB)
  • Precision four-point female seizure contact
  • Available with intergraded port seal (AquaTight®)


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Products list


ATP Series

The ATP is a precision attenuator used to apply a specific dB value across the entire forward band. 


FPA Series

PPC’s forward path attenuators provide a fixed level of attenuation within the downstream frequencies without affecting upstream frequencies. 


SSA Series

PPC’s Step Attenuators are used on low value taps (14 dB & below) to provide a fixed level of flat attenuation within the upstream frequencies only.