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Miniflex® Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)

Miniflex® Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) fiber cable is ideal for the last drop in an FTTx rollout

It is a market-leading flexible, pushable fiber optic cable that combines toughness and flexibility with a small, lightweight size.

Who is Miniflex® for?

Fearless_M2fx_aug_12_4.jpgMiniflex LSZH is the ideal choice for operators who require a fiber cable with an outer sheath containing absolutely no halogens, which still has excellent flame resistance and produces minimum smoke when alight.

In Europe, cable regulation is informed by the belief that it is more important to control smoke density and toxicity than heat during a fire because smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death. (In the United States, the opposite view is held, and cables must be “plenum-rated”.) The IEC (CENELEC) is responsible for publishing the fire test specification and procedures - however, each represented country may have their own regulations, such as the BSI in the UK.

Therefore, Miniflex LSZH is well-suited to environments where there are a lot of people - for example, a large office or warehouse. It is compatible with the Miniflex Indoor Microduct, which is made from a flame retardant, LSZH polymer. Additionally, it can be used across a broad spectrum of industries, including the military, telecoms and data infrastructure.

It is best suited to short FTTx runs of up to 150m, but can also be deployed over longer distances. Using Miniflex reduces the need for specialist skills and resources and decreases the installation time, saving valuable hours and money.


What are the benefits of Miniflex®?

  • Easy to handle - Miniflex LSZH combines flexibility with strength and has an exceptionally low weight for the level of strength and protection it provides.
  • Easy to install it features patented groove technology, meaning that it won’t kink during deployment - preventing costly delays and fiber damage. It has a small outside diameter and can be pushed into a building by hand - or using a small machine - in just a few minutes by a non-specialist fiber engineer and is compatible with both field splice and lab terminations.
  • More robust than other small diameter cables it contains one to 24 fibers in a protective sheath, which is made from a crush resistant, durable polymer.
  • Non-halogenated - Miniflex LSZH contains zero halogens, which are highly toxic substances that can cause death when inhaled. Therefore, when burned, it releases gases with very low toxicity and emits low levels of smoke, in order to safeguard human life in the event of a fire.

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