Fiber Optical Passives and Splitters


    optical-passiveOptical signals are transmitted in wavelengths or channels from the headend to the home, business, MDU (multi-dwelling unit) or RF tap.

    These wavelengths need to be combined from transceivers, called multiplexers (muxes), onto one fiber to travel the distance. These wavelengths are then separated in a demultiplexer (demux) near the destination. The types of muxes are WDM, CWDM, DWDM, BWDM and OADM and are used for different purposes along the optical transmission.


    Optical Splitters

    optical-splitterOptical splitters are necessary in the transition of optical signals to more subscribers. The most common types of splitters are PLC (splits that are etched on a wafer) and fused (spliced fibers). Optical splitters divide a signal symmetrically and is often used in FTTx and PON networks.

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