Solving the FTTx Deployment Challenge

Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) is often as far as operators will take fiber deployment, but it's the last leg of the FTTx connection, (from the cabinet to the premise – termed in the industry the ‘last mile’) that poses the greatest challenge.

PPC Broadband has solutions to overcome challenges of FTTx deployments, whether you're facing issues with landscape and environment realities, regulatory complications, customer inconveniences, and of course, costs.

From the headend/central office to the premises, PPC offers universal solutions for every installation need. These include:

  • Modular FTTH fiber solution for multi-dwelling units (MDUs)
  • Density optimization cabling in the headend/central office
  • High density street cabinets 
  • Fiber transport and network optimization with custom-configured optical passives and splitters
  • Miniflex® FTTH fiber cable, designed to overcome last-mile installation obstacles
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