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Diamond Products Stand the Test of Time

Diamond construction hardware

PPC’s hardware is designed to withstand environmental hazards for decades. Our proprietary approach of combining specific materials with mechanical galvanizing ensures our product will outlast the competition. In an era where replacement costs are rising, Diamond hardware can save you more in the long run.

Our lab testing has shown that Diamond hardware lasts longer in every environment, from the salt rich coastal, to the icy cold north. You can rely on Diamond hardware to withstand the test of time.

Diamond advantage

Single Source

We offer a complete line of products for all your hardware installation and retrofit needs including:

  • Ariel/underground drops
  • Pole line hardware
  • Bonding/grounding
  • Cable protection

All mechanically galvanized parts are made in the same factory, ensuring consistent quality


Our mechanically galvanized parts have a superior resistance to corrosion.

Our material and finish combinations do not clog or “gall” threads, providing an easier installation with more accurate torque that won’t loosen over time.                            


For over 20 years Diamond hardware has been refined and specialized for the telecommunications industry

Our products have a long history of withstanding harsh environmental conditions 

Diamond Hardware Catalog